7 Bedroom House in Torquay FOR SALE. Currently HMO Licensed. Offers £160k. 53 Lymington RD, TQ1 4BG

Number of beds: 7

UK Devon England English Riviera, Town Centre Torquay
53 Lymington RD, Torquay Devon TQ1 4BG.
7 Bedroom House For SALE 160k OVNO.
Freshly Painted interior/exterior.

THIS IS BRICKS AND MORTAR 7 BEDROOM HOUSE. TORQUAY DEVON UK. CURRENTLY RUNNING AS A House of Multiple Occupancy 7 full time tenants. Although this will be sold as a HOUSE. I can stay on as a manager if you like?
Well presented sustainable regular income orbiting 30k p/a income.

Permanent Clients/Tenants. Available to run as is, or turn into 3 flats depending on planning permission.. Perhaps would suit large family wanting to move down south or can be used for witness protection or specialized accommodation for vulnerable people in care. Some care companies charge from 150 per week per client up to 500 pounds a week per client. Depending on Disability. Currently I rent to the usual suspects…

These organizations need rooms.
This is ideally located for witness protection or emergency accommodation, or specialized accommodation for a housing association. Perhaps the Council would like to rent this from you…?

all Electrical, Gas Safety Inspections are up to spec, as well as HMO License. Up To Date till 2019. Fire regs, Smoke/Fire/Heat alarms, emergency call points, fire extinguishers, Emergency Lights, Smoke Seals on Fire doors with door closers. There is nothing else the Council can ask to do as I am an accredited landlord.

This was once Torbay BackPackers turning over 100k p/a. Now an Established HMO since 2006. Located in Torquay Town Centre, Lymington rd, Opposite a kids play park, Taxi Rank, All Shops, school and On Street Parking.
This Cash Machine currently Pulls In 600 Pounds a week from 1 client per room. x 7 rooms.

Would Suit Students Sharing, has had 20 Guests at one time 100 pounds a week each, 2`000 a week income, 100`000 a year as a Back Packers Hostel. Also we have 3 language schools in the area for long term student accommodation needs. Do you want to give it a try. ?

Some STUDENTS stay over 2-3 yrs, in some cases landlords have 4 students per room charging 95 a week per student. Whats that over 7 rooms . . . ?
There are registered 4`000 homeless people sofa surfing in Torquay, who all look forwards to renting a room on Benefits either Housing Benefit or Universal credit.

Here you have 7 rooms, 2 are en-suite
, one is an attic STUDIO en-suite Studio.
Middle Landing has a W.C. Shower Room & 4 letting rooms, one is also en-suite.
3 rooms are double rooms, in the past the property had 20 guests paying 14 pounds per night, thats 1,960 a week. 100k p/a. A nice little return from 160k investment.
You can turn this into 3 flats depending on planning.

I have previously managed over a thousand Tenants at 120 Properties at a letting agency so I am aware of current & new legislations coming in. I can offer you a Professional Management Property Service if you like, from repairs, & advertising & filling rooms. Dealing with the Council etc . I am dealing now with Universal Credit Allowance that has a Housing Element that all goes to the Tenants, for rent of course . . .

The Property is located in Lymington Rd Torquay , number 53 Lymington Rd, TQ1 4BG please see GOOGLE STREET MAPS, for an idea what you are looking at & how close you are to the town Centre.

I can supply EPC land regs bills, mortgage details etc etc if you can supply the money, Sorry no lease options or other crazy schemes. no estate agents either. this house is for sale for cash. 160k. cash for keys.

if you want more info please email with your enquiry. I am asking 160k I have a solicitor ready now, are you ready now. The property will be fully furnished, freehold, tenanted, and exactly what the EPC Register is allowing for the new legislation.

when this gold mine is gone, its gone. BUY NOW! 160k



Room 1 is single rent 75 p/w
Room 2 is Ensuite and is a double room. Rent 85 p/w
Room 3 is single. Rent 75 p/w
Room 4 is single rent 75 p/w
Room 5 is a double en-suite, shower W/C hand basin this attic studio it used to have 2x single beds and a double bed. Rent 95 p/w
Room 6 ground floor is a double room rent 80 p/w
Room 7 ground floor double family size room, rent 80 p/w

The other WC is a shared one on the 1st floor landing, next to a separate shower.

3 single rooms 4 double, one of the 4 doubles is the studio.
Some rooms are 75 a week and the studio is 95. others are 80, 85. Orbiting £30k p/a.

Each tenant has a 6 month Assured Short Hold Tenancy Agreement. most have been there around 6 months, as soon as I get 2 weeks notice, I put adverts out and have viewings for the room before it is empty. on the vacation day, the new tenant will move in within the hour.
so far, 4 tenants work, and the other 3 are on benefits. the HMO License, is for 5 years and has another 4 years left on it, and costs 800 pounds, this is non transferrable. so as soon as I go, you will have to apply, or I can keep the HMO License going as I would or could be the manager for you. It will be renewed 2019

For management costs if you want me, is:
10 percent. so for example 600 a week income is 60 pounds a week.
For new tenants i charge 1 weeks rent for a finders fee. 75/80/85/95 depending. I am open to negotiate.

I sort out the tenancy agreements, council benefit communications, UNIVERSAL CREDIT Collecting the rent, sending out letters to tenants & other people / service providers, council etc.
I am available 24 hrs a day on call. For tenants & alike.

I pop around every day at 10.30 to collect the post and on Friday cash top ups or cash rents.

I do inspections every day for what jobs may need doing such as if a light bulb needs replacing or furniture,

I also do as much of the maintenance my self such as painting & carpets, but when I need a qualified gas/electric job, I get 3 quotes and go for the best price policy.
I want to sell NOW 160k
I have solicitor ready under instruction, I am after genuine buyers, investors, no middle men tyre kicking, definitely no lease or rent to buy options,
BMV etc.please do not ask.

1) You must be a genuine buyer, meaning you HAVE funds, no nosey parkers wasting my time.
2) If you want a viewing, ask by email, I need to give the tenants 24 hr notice as some work nights.
3) Have you a solicitor? Who is it? Can you tell me please?
4) Have you funds available, Who is your lender? Can you tell me please?
5) If you are a cash buyer, I will need to know your name and address as I always run a due diligence check. If you are who you say you are, and you have funds, you will not have a problem will you?
Have an excellent week .

Kind regards.

Graham Dixon …… texts and calls welcome please? ps no lease options. BMV, or whacky schemes, cash for keys.160k come on down.
No calls please from so called google 1st page specialists. Its obvious I don’t require you.

Graham Dixon ……
160k o v n o . turn over orbiting £30k per annum.
53 Lymington RD, Torquay Devon TQ1 4BG UK
Graham Dixon

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